Mold 101

The Basics of Mycology

Fungi are ubiquitous and found throughout our environment.  

To grow, mold requires three things:
1) Moisture
2) A food source (carbohydrates, cellulose, etc.)
3) The right environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.)  

Indoor mold growth is frequently attributed to moisture intrusion or water leaks that do not normally occur inside; when this happens, wet or damp building materials such as drywall, wallpaper, and wood, can provide food sources capable of supporting mold growth.  Gradually, mold will destroy the materials it is growing on and can cause extensive property damage.  

Since mold spores are found throughout our environment it is important to sample the air inside and outside the property to determine if there are elevated levels or different types of mold present in the indoor environment as compared to the outside sample.  Laboratory findings from air sampling should be interpreted in conjunction with the visual inspection/observations to comprehensively diagnose the source of the moisture and the location of the mold growth if not visible.